Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

How do I apply for a board position?

Typically, recruitment for open positions occurs twice a year in the Fall (October-November) and Spring (March-April). You may contact us to request an application.

What is the time commitment on the board?

During the editing process (e.g., January through April), most editors spend 1-3 hours per week revising papers, attending meetings, and/or designing the manuscript. When the journal is not in session, time commitment is typically 1-2 hours per month.

How do I submit an article to the journal?

Please visit the Submissions Guidelines for instructions. Only U-M current students and recent graduates (up to four months after their graduation date) can submit an article to the journal.

Who serves on the editorial board?

The MJSW editorial board is comprised of MSW and PhD students at the School of Social Work. It also includes at least one faculty advisor who provides guidance with the editing process.

Editing Questions

Why do I have an assigned editor?

Most authors will have two editors (primary and secondary). Their role is to help strengthen your argument and correct grammatical errors. The amount and extent of changes will vary from author to author. Editors will provide comments and highlight sections you need to modify. The secondary editor has the same role as the primary editor; the only difference is the primary editor is your direct contact.

Note: The editing process can be challenging for some authors. Please remember that editors’ critiques, modifications, and recommendations are NOT personal criticisms. The end goal is to help you craft a publishable paper of the highest quality that will not only benefit your career but also the scholarly reputation of the University of Michigan.

What happens if I become uncomfortable with the editing process or my assigned editors’ recommendations?

The editorial board is committed to ensuring a productive and beneficial working relationship with authors. If you ever have concerns about the editing process or your editors’ recommendation, then please contact one of the Co-Editors in Chief.

What is the editing process timeline?

Paper turn-around times are every two weeks. There are four rounds for editing and revision. It is extremely important that you adhere to the deadlines so that you do not fall behind. If you do not revise on time, this could jeopardize the publication of your paper (In the past, we have postponed papers to later issues because they were not of publishable quality). If you are having problems meeting these deadlines, then please contact your editor(s) immediately.

What if I have questions about grammar and citing references?

All papers should be in APA style, including the references. We recommend these sources for guidance:

You can also add footnotes or endnotes in your paper.

What if I want to add images and tables?

You are allowed to add images and tables to your paper. However, make sure the images are readable. If the image is blurry or grainy, please replace the image with one of higher quality. Otherwise, it will come out illegible in print. In your final draft, please attach the images (preferably in PDF or PNG format) along with a picture caption description (example: Table of Child Health Disparities, CDC, June 2010) in the body of the email to your editor(s) so that we can trace the source.

What is an abstract and do I need to include one?

Yes, every author is required to create an abstract for their paper. An abstract is a summary of your paper. It generally consists of five parts: reason for writing; problem; methodology; results; and implications. The abstract should be 250 words or less. If you submit an abstract beyond that word limit, we will ask you to shorten it.

Miscellaneous Questions

How are submissions selected for final publication?

The editorial board uses a group peer-reviewed process based on the journal grading rubric. Papers that meet the criteria have a higher chance of acceptance. We also typically publish 5-7 articles per issue.

When will the latest issue be released?

A single issue takes about six months to finish. The timeline consists of submissions, selection, editing, proofreading, design, and final processing. Typically, we release the latest issue online first, and a print copy is available a month later. For Spring Issues, the release date is June-July. For Fall Issues, the release date is November-December.

Can I buy a print copy of a specific volume and issue?

Print copies are available by special request. Please use the contact form to request an issue and include your mailing address (We only accept checks at this time). Please allow up to four weeks to receive your order in the mail.

Who is the publisher?

Our publisher is MPublishing, which is part of the University of Michigan Library.

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