Vol. 2, Issue 1

Volume II, Issue I – Spring 2011


Letter from the Editors

Featured Articles

Using restorative practices as an interventionfor youth who commit violence and other crimes: A healing mechanism for perpetrators and their victims

Airika Crawford, MSW

Ensuring justice: Claiming livelihood for communities in the U.S. Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill disaster

Leo Esclamado, MSW Candidate

Toward providing equal access to health care for foster youth 

Aisha Hunter, MSW

Racial segregation, peer groups and the prevalence of obesity among female African American adolescents 

Huiyun Kim, MSW Candidate

Second parent adoption in Michigan: It’s time to protect all our families

Christine Suavé, MSW Candidate

Addressing unmet oral health care needs in Michigan with a mid-level dental provider

Renee Tetrick, MSW Candidate

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