Vol. 1, Inaug. Issue

Volume I, Inaugural Issue – Spring 2010


Letter from the Editorial Board

Advisors and Acknowledgements

Featured Articles

Creating a Socially Just Housing Policy and Analysis

Airika Crawford, MSW Candidate

A Comparative Analysis of Child Poverty: Welfare in Advanced Western Countries

Na Youn Lee, Doctoral Candidate in Social Work and Political Science

Evaluation of Early Head Start: Effect of Income and Education on Cognitive Development of Children Prior to Age Three

Patrick Meehan, MSW Candidate

Unstacking the Deck: Rural Poverty and the Effects on Childhood Development

Rebecca Schreuder, MSW Candidate

Suicide Risk and Ideation within Higher Education

Amber G. Zarb, MSW


Innovations in Social Work Theory and Practice

Approaching Psychosis through Quantum Physics

Kathryn Kay Irish, MSW

Advocacy Plan: Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Justice Facilities

Airika Crawford, MSW Candidate

Lauren Cook, MSW

Courtney Graham, MSW

Cheri Pace, MSW Candidate

Denise Stinson, MSW Candidate

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